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Please contact me for your private login to your web gallery, if you’ve haven’t heard from me yet!

If your viewing gallery was on my old web site but not on this new web site, contact me and I will put it onto this new web site.  I normally remove the galleries after a year unless you ask for an extension, which there is no charge for.

It’s simple enough to use, find your name(s) in the list below and click on it, you’ll get a user name and password prompt with a big blue “W” on top.  The “W” stands for WordPress, which is the technology used to develop this website, for those who are curious.

Once you’re in you can change your password to something else other than the one I provided you, by clicking “Edit Account”.  You don’t need to put in your address information.

Brenda & Peter

Louise & Paul

Michelle & Richard

Bindri – Sukhi & family

Eva & Mitch

Rachelle & Andrew

Cassie & Jeremy

Amanda & Bob

Yasha & Quinn

Jamie & Andrew

Jodi & Jordan