Yasha & Quinn – winery wedding

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Yasha & Quinn are self professed wine aficionado’s, so what better place to have a wedding than one of Langley’s finest wineries, Blackwood Lane Winery.  And later, we headed over to Township 7 Winery for some more wine and photos, before heading off to the reception at their home.

Yasha wore a 69 year old wedding dress, the same one her grandmother wore on her wedding day those many years ago.  Unfortunately while her grandmother is still with us, she was unable to make it to the ceremony.  I was there to photograph the touching phone call to her grandmother immediately after the ceremony.

So here are the photos!  You can click on any one of the thumbnails below to see a full screen viewer, and you can scroll through them from that viewer as well.  It’s a bit of a larger post, showing the whole wedding – at least until I left the reception.

Click on any photo below to view full screen, and use the arrows to scroll through.

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