Crazy Booth – Wedding Photography

So you want to know all about “Crazy Booth”? It’s kind of like a photo booth, but not quite…
Do you remember those photo booths that used to be in the malls?  (Maybe they still are?)
Did you ever go in one and just get some fun pictures?
We’ve created our crazy booth based on the spirit of these old booths, only with modern digital technology.  And no, we are not actually using a “real” booth!.  It’s kind of a studio set up, but very simple.  I keep it simple so there is not tons of expensive equipment and lighting to get in the way of letting loose a little.  It is a place for you and your guests to go and get fun pictures taken at the reception.  Oh, and its not a machine taking your picture…  it is a photographer! (usually me or an assistant).  The idea is to provide photography something similar to what the local photo booth companies are offering but provided by me in your wedding package.  We’ve got some funny props that we bring, plus we encourage everyone to do fun & stupid stuff while we’re taking the pictures….  yes we encourage the craziness.  (Or, we could do serious portraits of everyone there too – what ever you like).
I’ll have a laptop computer on site during the event so you and the guests can view them right there! This happens automatically, as the camera is connected to the computer (by wifi or cable, depending on which camera I’m using).   And if you go with the on site printing option, I’ll have a small printer there so I can print out 4×6 photos for the guests.  Or, the guests can sit at the computer and print the ones they want.  There is no cost your guests for the photos; that is all covered by the crazy booth package price.  And after the event is over, the digital files from the crazy booth are yours to keep as well.

If I am working the crazy booth alone, it will only be available when I’m not photographing something else important at the reception (ie first dance, cake cutting).  If you have me bring an assistant, it can be open 100% of the time.  And my assistant will assist with printing while I am shooting the crazy booth.

So another thing is that you’d need the space in the reception area or adjacent rooms/hallways etc to set this up.  The closer to the bar, the better!  It really only takes a space of about 10×12 feet to set this up plus access to an electrical outlet.

This is not just for weddings, I can bring this photo booth / crazy booth to parties, graduations, grad parties etc.  Any event that you might want a photographer at.