Questions about our wedding photography:

What is Crazy Booth?
It’s kind of like a photobooth, but not quite… It is a place for you and your guests to go and get fun pictures taken at the reception. These are included in the DVD of your wedding images. Crazy Booth is included in the cost of your wedding package if you want it, however if you want on site printing then the cost of printing is an additional charge.  I have a computer and printer that I can bring on site on the wedding day to allow us to provide immediate 4×6 inch prints to the guests, that they can take away with them. This is included in the price of the crazy booth printing add on – your guests will not have to pay for them.  I also have assistant to help run the photo booth, if you opt for on site printing. You can see more information here.

Tell me about the enagement session?
Engagement session information

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been shooting weddings professionally since 2007.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes! I can get you a sneak peak very soon on facebook for you and your friends and family to see some of the photos very shortly after the wedding. Just let me know if you want me to do this for you!  You can find me at

Will you check out my wedding location(s) in advance with me?
Yes! I can visit the location with you to make sure I am familiar with it. Sometimes this just means coming to your wedding rehearsal.  This is included in the package price.

Do you charge extra for consultations and/or phone calls leading up to the wedding?
No, this is included. This time spent planning your wedding photography together usually means better pictures, which is good for both you and me. I do not charge after the wedding either. And, you can meet with me after the wedding to go over your images if you like as well, and that is included.

Do you retouch any of the photos for this price?
Yes, I do review/edit each image carefully in editing software before giving you the digital files. If you want larger prints done, some images may benefit from some further retouching.  I will be able to do this further editing, as well as any custom edits you like – for whatever creative effects you desire (ie b&w, sepia or you name it, removing or moving people, fixing groups shots with people who blink).  I try and keep the number of these reasonable so I do limit this to 40 images.  I spend more hours working on your photos after the wedding than the hours it took me on your wedding day to take the pictures!

Will you photograph a same sex wedding?
Yes! And it won’t be the first one…

Can I get albums and photobooks from you?
Absolutely! There are so many choices that we should discuss this in person.

How much time should I allow for photos after the ceremony?
The simple answer is as much as possible; the more time you give me the better! How long the group shots take depends on the size of the group. And how many different arrangements you want etc. We can discuss this in more detail when planning the photography for your wedding. In general though, I can usually get most groups of people done in around an hour. If you want some awesome creative shots of you (the bride and groom) then add another hour. You also need to factor in travel time to and from where your photos are being taken – that is on top of the time I just quoted.

Will I receive a copy of the “digital negatives”?
Yes! You will be provided a CD or DVD with a copy of your images on it. These will be full size files and will not say “proof” on them or be watermarked.

Can I make my own prints?
Yes! Since you will have a digital copy of your images, you will be able to make prints yourself. You can do pretty much anything you want with them, as long as it doesn’t involve selling them for profit. You can also order prints from me.  Any prints from me come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed – if they need re doing I will get them right.  If I didn’t charge you an additional travel fee for photographing your wedding (ie you are in the lower mainland) then I like to deliver your prints in person.

How many images do you take?
That’s a common question that is somewhat difficult to answer really! It depends on how long you want me there for, how much travel time is involved, how the wedding day unfolds etc. What I can tell you is there is no limit on how many I take or how many you receive.  I do tend to be one of those photographers who gives you virtually everything I shoot rather than say the top 100 – 200 photos.  So the answer is a LOT of photos.  A full day of shooting can easily add up to 800 – 1000 or more photos.

How long after the wedding is it before I receive my images?
It can take up to 2-6 weeks for delivery of all the images. You will hear from me during this time, as I will be sending you work and posting images to the web site as I go. I also plan on spending time with you (if you desire) going over the images to help select images for prints, slide shows etc.  My average delivery time over the past few years is 3 weeks.

Do you require a deposit to book our date?
Yes, a  25% deposit is required to book a wedding package.
This deposit is non refundable, unless I can rebook your wedding date.
The balance is due on or before your wedding day.

When is the engagement photo session?
Pretty much whenever you want, as long as we are not busy that day.  Be sure to leave enough time between the engagement session and the wedding if you want any of the photos for the wedding day (for example a photo guest book).

Where are you available?
I’m available anywhere you want me to be… in the Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley any travel is included in the standard package price. For Kamloops, and the Okanagan area you’d get preferential travel rates because I have so many family there who would love to see me come up for the weekend. I’ve also got family in Calgary who would love me to come stay with them too, so I could come there for my regular travel allowance but no charge for accommodations. Beyond that, if it fits into my schedule and you pay my expenses I’m open to going most anywhere…

What about your equipment?
The biggest thing you need to know is whether your photographer has backup equipment on site in the unlikely event of any equipment failure.  Yes, I have backups of everything including camera bodies, lenses, flashes and I have taken the time to make sure of things like having plenty of batteries and backups of those too.